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Bethan Davies

Whitley Bay

Bethan Davies

Bethan Davies is making waves Nationally as a brilliant surfer (she’s just been selected for the Surfing England Squad 2023) as well as being a key figure at home here in our local community. In 2022 at only 11, Bethan won the Under 12s English Title in Cornwall impressing the judges in excellent conditions. Earlier this year she was also crowned (U14) girls champion at the biggest UK Junior contest of the year in South West England. Over the course of the year Bethan attended all the national Junior Series events. Following this she received an exclusive invite to the ‘Day of Champions’ in October in South West England. This autumn at a North East event Bethan entered the Women’s Division for the first time and was delighted to win it. Follow Bethan on Instagram at @waves4bethan.davies.

Even with so many accolades under her belt already, Bethan will always love surfing in North Tyneside, and it holds a special place in her heart.

I’ve lived here all my life and all my family are mainly all from here, so it’s really good to be able to surf from where all my family are. I have loads of friends here to surf with too, it’s so much fun!

How did you get into surfing?

My dad and his brothers started surfing when they were young. I saw them doing it from when I was little, so I wanted to be part of that too. I really enjoy it, and I love being able to do it with my family too, including my little brother, that makes it extra enjoyable. 

How do you feel the North Tyneside is for women and girls surfing?

It’s definitely improved a lot. Through lockdown loads of people started it as a hobby because they live right next to the coast. I think with all the surf schools and the support around now, there are loads more opportunities for women and girls who want to take up surfing in North Tyneside.

What do you think events like the surf competition and North Sea Weekender bring to the local area and the community?

The surf comp is always really fun, and these sorts of events definitely help the community and bring everyone together.

If someone was visiting North Tyneside where would you take them?

That’s a hard one, I really like the pier and the lighthouse, and the beaches. There are some lovely walks, when you walk the stretch of coast from Whitley Bay to Tynemouth.

Do you have any advice for women and girls who might want to stat surfing who havent got up the courage to try it yet?

If you’re struggling don’t be afraid to ask for help. And just keep on going, because once you hit that barrier and get past it, you realise how fun it is, and you want to just keep going and get another wave, and another… and then it never stops!

Bethan Davies